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  • Deathope [Full Body - Color]
  • Lionexen [Full Body Sheet]
  • Toasty
  • Michelle [Full Body - Color]

  • Kylie [Portrait] - Info Received
  • Faustina [Portrait] - Info Received
  • Asha [Portrait]


Commission Information


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Shamelessly taken from Detou

Disclaimer -

I try to conduct my business in as professional a fashion as possible. Art is a fickle thing and when my muse has gone on holiday, producing art can be very challenging. Please be patient with me.

Let's get one thing out in the open here: I am not always a fast artist, if you want guaranteed speed and your commission quickly, you ought to look elsewhere. On the rare occasion, week, or month, my speeds may vary depending on drive or time, but as a general, I tend to be a bit slower since I have a lot on my plate including family related issues, personal issues, and the last months of school.

My art and style is constantly evolving. I am always experimenting with new methods to do things and so what you like in one picture you may not get in what you commission. I apologize but I do what I think will work best at the time. If you don't want to be a victim of the artistic process, you may not want to commission me.

I reserve the right to refuse any commission I feel uncomfortable with, or am otherwise disinterested in.

That is all.


Paypal Stamp by artist4com
** Those offering cash will be preferred to those offering anything else, lest it is a great offer. **
** I do NOT ACCEPT Scales or Portrait Spaces. Lifers are a case by case basis or any listed below.**
MF Unicorn
Nobles - WOW TCG Loot Cards, Mounts & Pets Only. Talk to Me First

Grayscale Paintings
Portrait - $25
Bust - $30
Half-Body - $40
Full Body - $55
Kiden 'Kid' Gentry by justlikehimEligius Painting by justlikehim

Colored Paintings
Portrait - $35
Bust - $40
Half-Body $50
Full Body - $65
Siena [Freebie] by justlikehimAnzu by justlikehimCubi [Commission] by justlikehim

Portraits - $20
TGT Bot [Portrait] by justlikehimKen [Portrait] by justlikehimAnzu Portrait by justlikehim
Harley [Portrait] by justlikehimThe Red [PORTRAIT] by justlikehimStasia [Portrait - Trade] by justlikehim

Sketches - $10
Ken [Sketch] by justlikehimGrendal [Sketch - 500 Kiriban] by justlikehimBeware of Dog [Marit/Smou] by justlikehim


To Secure a Slot...
    Please either note me here or catch me in game as Harley. Once I've confirmed with you that you have a spot please send an e-mail to justlikefrost at gmail dot com with the information listed below. Commissions over $30 dollars will require half the payment upfront or at a time I dictate.

Commission Form

Character Name:
Misc. Distinguishing Features:

Potential Pose:
(Artistic freedom tends to create better art, but you're paying for it, so you've got the option of input here.)
Contact Details: (e-mail, alts)
ALL THE REFERENCE: Please post all reference art/photos you have here.
I swear I am alive, but commissions have taken a back burner to my real job. Kind of sucks to sit at work all day and come home with no inspiration to do anything.

I am making an active attempt, however, to change my life so that I can try to fit in commissions again on top of getting happy and healthy. I will hold no ill will towards any on my list who wish to drop out as I have no idea when I will be able to get to your work.

I had to also install a new hard drive on the PC so I'm understandably a little pissed about the direction this computer goes sometimes. Hopefully that is the last stupid change I have to ever make until I build a new one.



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