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Anzu by justlikehim Anzu by justlikehim
Latest take on the character Anzu, based off the same creature of Akkadian mythology. In the stories, Anzu (sometimes known as Zu, Pazuzu, or Imdugud, depending on how you found the information) is a lesser god in Akkadian mythology charged as a guard of the throne room and sanctuary of the chief sky god Enil. Anzu stole the Tablet of Destinies from Enil in hopes of taking control of the universes and was ultimately brought down by Marduk who fought against the dragon queen Tiamat. Anzu is normally depicted as a storm bird and is the personification of the south wind and thunder clouds, though some stories have depicted him as a black lion headed eagle with either a scorpion's tail.

The character was originally devised for use in a Gaia Online thing in a failed attempt to get back into the forums. It was then used to fulfill some color theory projects and was finally brought back with some minor changes, mostly to the clothing.

Sketched in Paint Tool SAI, inked in Manga Studio 4.0, and colored in Paint Tool SAI. My first real shot at trying to color with SAI and my first big piece in a very long time.

2010 - 2012 J.L.H.
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December 17, 2012
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